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Enzymes for Vital Energy

Have you ever wondered why an apple can sit unblemished in your pantry for weeks, while the pear begins to brown in just a few days? Well, that’s because the pear has enough enzymes to digest itself, and the apple has almost no enzymes.  When it comes to food, when you eat foods devoid of enzymes, they’ll steal energy from you and shorten your life; and contrary wise, foods loaded with enzymes have enough to digest themselves and some to spare, adding to your reserves.

Enzymes are THE life energy factors that determine how long we live. So when you eat foods devoid of enzymes, they’ll steal energy from you and shorten your life. Our body’s enzyme content can be compared to the strength of a video game character. If you were the game’s player, you’d start out with a set amount of life potential, and during play, if life potential got depleted your character would die and GAME OVER.

In real life we’re born with a set amount of enzymes, and when they get depleted our hearts stop and WE’RE game over. So it’s vitally important that we constantly replenish our enzymes through eating high enzyme foods. Peak Frequency foods contain the optimum amount of enzymes, which replenish your body’s depleted enzymes and lengthen your life.

When it comes to digestion – it’s all about the enzymes in food. No matter how many nutrients a food may contain it’s their enzymes that make the nutrients usable.

This pear and apple were purchased on the same day, one year earlier. As you can see the pear has used its mega-enzymes to complete the job of digesting itself. The apple, with very few enzymes, hasn’t even begun to digest itself, which means the apple inside your body will rob you of life support enzymes in order to get there.

Without enzymes foods become acidic in the body, and begin to putrefy, producing the perfect breeding ground for bacterial over-growth that can lead to infection, allergies, and toxicity. Without enzymes, putrefying foods have difficulty getting eliminated, and digestive problems occur, like gas, burping, bloating, inflammation, constipation, headache, and backache.

This is where Peak Frequency Foods are the hero. They can change the conditions inside your body so you begin eliminating the cause of disease, and accessing your innate powers to heal.

If you’re already low on enzymes, try Digestive Enzymes capsules to perk up energy, digestion, and pH balance.


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